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About Analyticon

Analyticon is an agile, global diagnostic corporation dedicated to offer customized products in four main business lines: urinalysis, clinical chemistry, hematology and coagulation. The products provide healthcare professionals with accurate and affordable diagnostic solutions in physician´s offices, hospitals and clinical laboratories.
Products are distributed all over the world in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific and Americas by channeling through distributor organizations, currently in nearly 100 countries.
In their fast growing organisation we are working in multi-national teams at the headquarters and around the world in close personal contact with all customers. 




Analyticon® Biotechnologies AG manufactures tests for human medical diagnosis, with approx. 83 employees in two facilities in the North of Hessen in Germany. Based on a worldwide network of dealers and branch offices, Analyticon is distributing their products all over the world, meeting the requirements of the German Medical Product Law and the RiliBÄK as well as the standards of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Chinese inspectorate SFDA. All Products are manufactured in line with the GMP and DIN ISO 13 485 rules. Analyticon guarantees for a complete quality control, covering development, production and sales.


Analyticon®´s R&D continuously expands its product portfolio and at the same time keeps the quality of its IVD product offer at the highest level by regular product enhancements and perfective maintenance. The main activities are in line with Analyticon®´s core competence in the field of rapid tests which are focussing on the development of new point of care tests (POCTs) for their use by medical professionals and POCTs for self-/home testing, as strips and dipsticks.



The envisaged biomarkers cover a broad range of clinical applications:
· Pregnancy tests
· Ovulation tests
· Diabetes
· Cardiac markers
· Tumor markers
· Infectious diseases
· Drugs of abuse tests

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Analyticon Urinalysis Products



The tests under development are based on a proprietary methodology using synthetic nucleic acids or other comparable docking molecules as highly specific binders for individual biomarkers which act as molecular switches depending on the presence or absence of the respective marker molecule. This methodology, for which Analyticon® has filed patent, promises technical and economic advantages for POCT tests compared to the products that are currently available in the IVD market without accepting any compromise in the quality. A further benefit of the methodology is its modular concept which simplifies the assay development for new biomarkers. Diagnostical test systems based on synthetic nucleic acids have also potential to serve as basis for a therapeutic approach in the corresponding disease area. In parallel, so-called fast-track specific binders are used in the short-term programs. Since most of the POCT assays are developed in solution in the first step, Analyticon® also expects to establish the corresponding clinical chemistry tests in parallel for some of the biomarkers.

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