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IF RPR Antigen Test for Syphilis

《Product Introduce 》:

The "IF" RPR (RPR Antigen) Test for Syphilis is a non-Treponemal Flocculation Test that is used to detect and quantify reagin, an antibody present in serum or plasma from persons with syphilis, or with other treponemal diseases.

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Features & Functions

Infung Logo Treponema pallidum, the etiologic agent responsible for syphilis produces two kinds of antibodies in human infections. Treponemal antibodies can be detected by tests such as the Fluorescent Treponemal Antibody-Absorption (FTA-ABS) Test A  or MHA-TP whereas the reagin antibody is detected by non-treponemal tests such as the RPR Antigen Card Test. In the presence of the reagin antibody in the reactive sample,  the RPR Antigen preparation will produce flocculation consisting of black clumps against the white background of the test card. By contrast, non-reactive samples will yield an light-grey homogenous suspension.


Technical Data

Product Number A0216 A0218 A0225 A0200
Item 100 tests 500 tests 2000 tests 1000ml bottle
RPR Reagent 2ml x1 10ml x1 10ml x4 1000ml x1
RPR Reactive Control 0.5ml x1 2ml x1 2ml x2 -
RPR Non-reactive Control 0.5ml x1 2ml x1 2ml x2 -




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