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IF Helicobacter Test

《Product Introduce 》:

Fast, Accurate, Reproducible - Rapid urease test fo H. pylori infections based on biopsy samples.

Features & Function


Infung Logo The iF Helicobacter Test is a simple, easy to perform test with a short reaction time. The steps involve the addition of the biopsy specimen into the gel on the cartridge, followed by a brief incubation period and observation of color change.

Technical Data

The InFung Helicobacter Test is a colorimetric assay based on a pH color change. The iF Helicobacter Test contains urea, preservative and a pH indicator. If H. pylori is present in the specimen, urease will hydrolyze the urea in the gel which leads to a rise in pH. The pH indicator in the test system will then change color from yellow to red/purple.



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