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CombiScan® XL Analyzer

《Specification 》:

Article Number: A 93 007

《Product Introduce 》:

CombiScan® XL is a fully automated urine test strip analyzer for use with CombiScreen® 11SYS or 11SYS PLUS test strips. It is designed for bigger laboratories and for hospitals, who want to save costs for laboratory staff.

Features & Functions - A 93 007

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 • Modern CCD technology
 • Fully automated test strip and sample handling
 • Loading of up to 100 samples possible
 • Internal test strip container for 150 test strips
 • Big touch screen for convenient operation
 • Integrated barcode reader
 • Enter data via keyboard
 • Integration to laboratory network systems possible



Technical Data

Image sensor: CCD technology
Throughput: 250 strips/hour fully automated
Display: 170 x 130 mm Touchscreen
Memory: Last 9999 results
Interfaces: USB, RS 232, seriell, monitor, LAN



• Keyboard
Urine test strips CombiScreen® Classic


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